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What to look for in a Web Designer

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If you need to build a website, or re-do your website, it can be mind-boggling just trying to figure out where to start.  There are so many options available for building a website – from build-your-own services like Wix and Weebly to fully customized sites that are built from scratch.  If you are a small…

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SEO… to go big or not go big? That is the question.

1024 683 Milton Menasco

SEO is undoubtedly one of the more important aspects of web marketing. If people searching on the web can’t find you, what good is a great website? One of the biggest misconceptions is that you must spend loads of money and time on SEO to get a decent ranking for your business. This is not…

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CMS vs Hand Coding websites

1024 684 Milton Menasco

Technology moves fast, real fast. A few years ago you needed some real programming skills to make a slick looking, functioning website that might have an online store, contact form and photo gallery. Now, with CMS programs like Wix, Square Space and WordPress, you don’t need to know a lick of code to make a functional,…

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Content for your web design needs

Cool stuff you can do with a website

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Keeping up with the latest and greatest is always fun, but does it really serve a purpose for your business or organization? Features like video backgrounds and animation can be engaging and draw your eye to important content if used correctly, but they can also be distracting and messy if not done properly. When it…

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What a developer needs to build your website

1024 607 Amanda Menasco

What a developer needs to Build your website Whether your site uses a CMS or is hand coded, websites take time to create, and they need content.  From photos to bios, and copy to logos – a website is simply a blank page without content.   Over the years, the way websites are used and…

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